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Property Refresh

Today’s property buyers are savvier than ever and will look for reasons to make an offer below your asking price. Don’t give them one!

When presenting a home for sale invest some time and a little money in refreshing areas of your home that are tired or in need of repair. Its money and time well spent to ensure your home has maximum appeal to property buyers.

Curb appeal is high on your priority list, don’t give buyers a reason to keep on driving once they get to the house, freshen up gardens and outside areas to ensure they create a positive first impression.

Once inside make sure your buyers are not distracted by small maintenance issues, a fresh coat of paint (sometimes just hard elbow grease and a bucket of sugar soap) makes a positive difference. We don’t recommend anything that we don’t believe will have an impact on your price or your chances of selling the home in a reasonable timeframe.

We know how busy lives can be and the good news is that we can arrange any services you need including painting, gardening, flooring, new window furnishings and cleaning or we are happy to share our trusted contacts with you if you would like to handle it yourself.

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If you are thinking of selling a property then contact us today and chat with one of our staff to see how we can help. At Sharpen Up we genuinely enjoy working closely with our clients to deliver results that matter. 

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